Oh Ana Originals

Covid-times has caused quite the disturbance in my family's life and company, just as it has for everyone else. Back in late March I found myself slowing down, no clients, no work, and suddenly home and stressed by the unknown. I borrowed a sewing machine and started figuring it out again, just needing a distraction. Growing up my sister and I always played with my mom’s old 1970s Singer, it was yellow from age. We made a lot of costumes, and honestly, I mostly watched my sister do the creating. She was so good at it and the sewing desk was right outside her bedroom door. Despite running a vintage shop and endlessing mending pieces I come across, I hadn't considered making *new* pieces until this year.

Introducing Oh Ana Original Dresses! My current labor of love combines my collection of vintage textiles, and the urge to work with my hands.

I started this project with a thrifted 1960s wrap dress pattern, and eventually added my mom’s patterns from the 1970s to the line. Patterns she worked with over 45 years ago and still had marking from her own alterations! Each garment is a puzzle, embracing my favorite prints on each vintage textile. Meticulously hand-cutting every section while maximizing how many dresses one tapestry can make, two-ish. These dresses are new construction using vintage fabric and vintage sewing patterns. Each one is 100% one of a kind and unique.

If you're interested in this Etsy hand-made collection, here is where I have them for sale .

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