The World Needs More Green Sofas

The time has come for a home decor report after 2.5 years of owning. Last January I was featured on Apartment Therapy which was incredibly exciting! The photo-shoot happened about 14 months after buying the house and was a great motivation to finish a couple projects... The comments were pretty fun, I really enjoyed learning the background stories of a few of my miscellaneous vintage prints. And of course the BEST/worst mean spirited comment, "...She really doesn't have any fine pieces of furniture or accessories, more like a basement sale....". Ha, yeah, she was right. I'm a thrifter and estate sale nut, so many of these pieces ARE from basements. At the time of the Apartment Therapy shoot, I hadn't collected too many new (to me) pieces for the house. Really is was tiling in decor from my previous apartment with my sisters old couch. Totally acceptable when you just dropped most of your savings on buying a house and renovating it. This is why this decor update is special. With more time passed, I've been able to collect some really great pieces that were procured for this space, intensional design, how grown up!

Most notable in the living room, I replaced three green couches with a magnificent emerald velvet couch and a vintage rattan daybed sofa. After YEARS of searching for a vintage inspired emerald green couch that wasn't mid-century modern, I finally came across the Saxon sofa by Apt2B. A timeless design with low arms, deep plush cushions, victorian legs, and custom made in my dream hue. The vintage rattan sofa was a Offerup score for $250! Balance friends, budget-couch and very nice first-new-piece-of-furniture-I've-ever-owned splurge.

The antique 1930s writing desk was a birthday gift from my dad, it fit into place as though it had always been there, and matches my vintage Indonesian cabinet mirror perfectly. I love the dark wood motif.

So here we are, a year after AT, and two and a half years into owning and tinkering around. I would describe my style as eclectic romantic vintage. On the bohemian side. Not trendy, never mid century modern. Timeless beauty to suit my 1920s home. Aside from the emerald couch, my home is still very basement. I buy very few shinny new things, and much of the decor has come from estate sales.

I'm getting a kick out of how much my plants have grown in the past year since Apartment Therapy... and how many more have come home with me.