Third Beach Camping

I haven't been back-backing in years! After collecting basic gear 6 or 7 years ago, one outdoor enthusiast relationship ended and another began that was less interested. I'm reflecting on the idea of not stopping activities you enjoy because a new partner doesn't share the interest. It's okay if they don't, but build a community of people who will feed that side of you. Similar to any relationship matter, your primary partner will likely not have every quality you need in other humans. Community and friendship are so important outside of your romantic relationships. I didn't think of that through my early 20s. As the less experienced camper/back-packer, I relied on a partner to guide me, and once that relationship was over - it felt like that side of me was over as well.

The creatively named Third Beach is part of the Olympic Peninsula and not far from Forks and La Push. This was not only a beautiful place, but a thoughtful and short trail for someone to get back into the hobby, only 3.6 miles round trip.

We built our camp under two fallen trees as a novelty with a tarp canopy, which was perfect for the rainstorm the next day. We hiked up the hill to grab a warm breakfast and explore Forks and La Push during the storm. By the time we returned to our camp, the rain had passed and we owned new rain-gear from going into town. It was stunning out there, crisp air, marine fog, and in a comfortable temperature range.

The gnarly and enchanting beach-wood of La Push! Doesn't this look like a ship of logs?

An afternoon with the Swallowtails

Shoot, just like that, we are half way through 2018. I couldn't wait for 2017 to be over. It felt so painful. I'm happier with my self growth that came from it, but was looking forward to a new year in hopes of feeling a start over button. That's not really how this works though. One year bleeds into another and you just have to keep dreaming up how you're doing something new to mix things up!

In the spirit of opposites and mixing up scenery, where 2017 was all about Iceland, this year I have a plane ticket to Morocco in September! Textiles and tiles, color and heat, camels and sand. Many new sights and experiences. Experience is a key word. I met a mighty savings goal recently and realized it's easy to save money when you're not spending it. Not spending money because I feel like I don't really need anything. Without huge remodel projects and with a fully decorated and operating house, I'm all set. So experiences are on my radar - see, breathe, taste, touch, hear.

After a blazing hot week leading up to the solstice, a little hooky from work brought us to the river on a Tuesday. This spot used to be down a dirt road with no signs. Nine summers later, the road is fully paved for miles and we noticed the secret spot actually has a name! Since when?!... The river was high, cold, and fast. Not for swimming yet, but an excellent option for cooling off. Swallowtail butterflies were all over! I've never seen so many, what a magical time to visit.

San Juan Island April 2018

Quite the backlog of photos here. This past April we returned once again to San Juan Island. It's also a challenge leading up to the annual visit trying to think of new sights and sounds to see. But, there are always new hidden cabins to find and the same cute sea creature to visit.

sleepy deserted artist cabin in the woods

touches of spring, life & death

Lime Kiln