Winter Glow

Feeling okay about 2017 coming to an end. It's okay to say it was a sad year, and it's fair to say a new year doesn't necessarily make it feel better. But, 2018 feels like a new starting point at the very least.

I'm grateful for my vintage shop this year, a place to focus my creative energy in a void. And a hobby that built my savings up considerably this year.

It's weird feeling comfortable in my finances, and thinking you could buy anything you want! But also thinking I really don't need anything. I don't need clothing, I don't need more house goods. Those are little things though. Bigger purchases are more abstract, a trip? Another house? Dental work? These are harder for me to plan for. Maybe I could use one or two of those. I'm 28 in 2018. Old enough to know better, young enough to feel in the dark.

Snow for Christmas, I'm not a Christmas person - but i enjoy a day off and winder lights. I treated myself to a prism lens and more diffraction glasses to play with.

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