Longbranch a Holga Lens and a Heat Wave

Holding a close friends new baby, I commented we had the same skin tone. But, this is a two-month-old new life who has been lovingly kept away from direct sunlight. Me? Welp, it's that kind of summer.

A heat wave through Western Washington is keeping me in the shade, and honestly a bit sluggish. Too hot to move.

I've spent the past couple of months organizing. Going through closets and drawers, sorting keepers from donations. It feels good to know what's behind the can of black beans in the cupboard, and that the "junk drawer" actually has some useful important stuff. It started as a cleansing exercise, when you're surrounded in negative news, having a clean house makes a difference. And over the past few weeks my projects turned to making room for another person. The second bedroom (former "stuff!" room) will soon be inhabited by a friend. My first roommate in years!

So much of this year has felt like the twilight zone. This isn't where I thought I'd be a year ago. I imagined building my relationship, and inevitably thinking about the next house, a house that could be both of ours. So moving on, away from that relationship, and taking on a roommate feels like a step backwards to an extent. There is a beauty to strong friendships though, I'm going in open to growing and making something new with a friend I've known longer than I haven't known. We are both HSP's, passionate long term vegetarians, and aquatic signs. It will be interesting to see how our dynamic will work on an everyday basis.

My biggest fear is not having enough space. I really can spend DAYS by myself and be happy as a clam. Then again, this can be exercise to spend less time alone and be social (something I've put exceptionally little effort into this year).

Due to my months and months of a melted spirit, I haven't been taking many photos the way I used to. So here is a rare moment of thoughtful documentation. I used a toy Holga lens on my SLR. It's like instant film ;)

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