San Juan Island & Diffraction Lenses

This is the ninth year of my life documented on a blog. A quiet place now, but still a small highlight reel of my everyday.

Another spring on San Juan Island. I ought to remember my camera more often when I'm feeling blue. Experimental photography makes my heart sing. These shots were taken in-camera with a pair of psychedelic diffraction lens paper glasses that say Ben & Jerry's on the side. Party tricks for the radiance of the season change. Also, a different perspective on an island I've documented five spring's in a row.

I'm in transition from one chapter to another that hasn't been written yet. My heart aches from stress, death, and loss. I met a friend's niece on the island who is life coach of sorts. She tells people she's happy for them when life goes awry. She didn't really go into why, but, I think this is so impactful. Instead of telling her family and friends, "sorry you lost your job," she says, "I'm happy for you." And maybe that's just what we need to hear more of. Less speech about what's wrong, and more about what will be.

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