fading summer

summer is a slower time around the office and typically i have more time to goof around with personal projects. a leisurely time to play and enjoy some sunshine. but i know it has come to a close once September hits and business picks up in full force through the end of December...

in the spirit of remembering some of summer 2016's greatest hits, here are some previously unblogged bits and pieces~

in june our parents met at a BBQ in Anthony's lush garden. it was the first time we were all at the same place at the same time after nearly three years of dating. We cooked a pizza on the grill (it CAN be done!) and talked plants.

A summer of many faces, i donated these heart sunglasses to A, as they fit his head much better anyway. And this tomato out of his garden was growing a nose! it's hard to eat character filled produce... can't we just be friends?

my grandma Margaret passed this past April and it still feels like it's setting in. I helped my dad and his siblings clean out her apartment and took home a collection of photos. this was their wedding day in the early 40s.

farewell summer!

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