Oh Ana House Update

update: greetings Apartment Therapy! :)

It's about time for a little life update on eight months of owning my first home. This blog never did become renovation central as i had predicted (though Instagram certainly saw some of the nitty gritty of my elbow grease). It's crazy how much has been tackled in just a few months, most of it through the fall. Now I've had the pleasure of just living, breathing, sleeping, and all around enjoying the space. Taking a break from spending (why didn't anyone warn me know expensive house projects are?! I'm kidding...), and evaluating what I'd like to invest in after getting to know my new home better. There could have been a million update posts in here, how to refinish original fir floors, how to replace a titled ceilings with drywall and crown-molding, re-framing windows 101 etc. We joke most of my projects has just been undoing previous renovations! But, I am so digging my little piece of the universe. Shout out to my family and very kind friends for putting in long hours, this has been such a humbling experience. Check out this post from early October to see where we started.

Welcome to my lil 1921 craftsman! (see before here) Outside i've worked a bit on curb-appeal by removing the rotting mis-match white picket fence and adding a couple large garden beds with some of my favorite plants - lavender and spurge. We also built a brick parking strip to better deal with quite a bit of muddy standing water on the street (see here, and here). I'm excited for my old growth apple tree this year, I closed on the house right after the fruit had finished up last fall. I see some cider in my future!

Start with these before photos, one & two. The living and dining rooms are the largest transformations. Here we ripped down the tiled ceilings, put up new smooooth drywall, added crown-molding, rebuilt the window trim, ripped out the carpet, refinished the floors, built cabinet doors, and painted. I had dreams of a gold fireplace before i even found this house. I am a thifter, just like my mama. I've heard my home decor described as "granny's living room," but i would call it bohemian and worldly!

Color! I was so nervous about picking this paint. I have bright decor, and even though this house has been my first opportunity to paint walls whatever color please... I must admit i like warm white! It took an inspiring paint card, a few swatches on the walls, and some friendly encouragement from my boyfriend to take the plunge! It's different for me, but I like it! This kitchen gets the best morning light. Other than paint, my dad also rebuilt the cabinet doors to match each other and the style of the house. Before photos: one & two.

The boudoir. Here is a taste of what i had to undo... the back of the house not only had carpet, it had wood textured tiles glued down with thick black goop. It was by far the most miserable project as the best way to remove it was to hand chisel the tiles out and scrape the black tar glue off. By the way, the floors were perfect underneath - some bozo did this esthetic change on purpose! After we exposed the original fir flooring - I decided to hire pros to sand, stain, and refinish 600 square feet of the house. This is the only project I've outsourced. The bedroom and diningroom rugs are my largest *new* purchases, otherwise estate sales man!

Anyhoo, this house has come so far. I found a fixer-upper with good bones in lieu of having more money to buy a nicer place... and now I have the house I couldn't afford!

Not pictured in this tour, the second bedroom (a stuff room... perhaps a roommate space eventually), the bathroom (eh, cute but boring), and my laundry room which is home to my online vintage shop (this room is a mess, renovation tools everywhere! This is a room in need...).

High Tide

And the poorly timed beach trip award goes to.... Growing up in a boating family, I know to always look at tide charts before trips to the water... buuuuuuut whoops, not on Sunday! Escaping the heat to the woods and under a canopy of leaves along the beach with a rising tide threatening our beach blanket. Eventually a big wave got us wet, but it was beautiful under there. A couple logs sat in front of our camp, and each time a boat sped past we waited for larger waves to come in with the rising tide. It was a bit of a thrill as casually drinking a couple beers wondering how long we could be there. Toughing it out, we were the last people on the beach as the waves reclaimed more sand. On our way back up the hill we realized salmon berries were surrounding us!