Island Time

The San Juan Islands of Washington state are pretty cool parallel universe. I've been on island time for four days, and I'm a bit reluctant to come home. Four days of nature walks, gourmet cooking courtesy of my ambitious boyfriend (and myself as sous chef!), and an obscene amount of whiskey in the evenings. This is the fourth year we've spent an extended amount of time at Roche Harbor as a family. At this point we're also comfortable with the island that it's less about seeing everything and more about taking our sweet time, and enjoying the fresh air.

We descended on the farmers market Saturday morning, and went home to make a delicious goat cheese cake with a fresh cherry and garden Rosemary compote topping. Absolutely amazing. Funny how I could forget that the cooking projects I take on with Anthony are a bit more than average. What even is average? Other then we tend to not buy much processed food, and truly do cook most of our meals ourselves. That's pretty rare, right? And when we're on vacation mode, with a full kitchen, we get fancy!

Our walks this season were completely off trail. Well, we would start on the main trail, and then find the deer trails to climb up lime quarry peaks around Roche Harbor, and Young Hill above English Camp.

We decided to test our memories and find a little lost cabin deep in the woods that we found a few years back. It started with spotting a small lake, Trout Lake, on a map. We were determined to find a way in a few years back... It was a no go, but we did find a charming cabin in the woods with a note from 1994 inviting those who find it to go ahead and stay. The thing is though, it's really hard to find! How would you ever find this place, except for on a whim when you're not looking for it… After staring at a map while sitting in the car, we spotted trout lake once again and found the same access road once more. After a little walk, there it was. Still there, overgrown, but you could totally sleep in it! It's been well-kept... Or at least not vandalized in any way, even ancient food in a locker outside ;)

OK, off island time, back to regular mainland/day-job time. Already dreaming for next year!

Young Hill above English Camp

Our lil lost cabin in the woods

The field behind our Roch Harbor digs