the hazey oregon coast valentine

Along the Oregon coast you will find a rain forest, and oh how it will rain! But, in mid February, you will also find yourself in the greenest place imaginable!

Growing up, my family would take a lot of trips down to Cannon Beach. I have endless memories of walking for miles up and down the beach and building epic sand pyramids and sphinxes... because you know, normal sand castles were boring. And then watching in horror from our hotel room balcony as little boys kicked apart our masterpieces, nothing lasts forever on a beach.

This trip was planed for as a birthday getaway that overlapped with Hallmark's favorite heart hawking holiday for two. After exploring AirBnB destinations from Vashon Island in Washington to the Oregon coast, we found Northfork 53, a restored farmhouse run by the sweetest farmers just outside of Manzanita Beach. A charming house with interesting conversation, complementary glasses of wine, and awesome homemade breakfasts. We were spoiled. :)

On the our way down the coast we stopped in Asoria for lunch and thifting (birthday boots!). I've never spent time on the docks around Astoria, and the sea lions were hilarious. They like to gather under the docks and building along the Columbia River and create quite the ruckus! You could hear them from blocks away, but they were hard to spot.

Anthony humored me and would stop for all the abandoned boats, trailers, and houses we happened to drive by. I yakked his ear off about my curiosity and research about Astoria's Flavel family and their rundown mansion.

We spent our rainy days walking Cannon Beach, exploring Oswald West State Park and Smugglers Cove, and stuffing our faces with good food and drinks (like a bottle of rum from Cannon Beach Distillery).

Hello year 26, how do i top buying a house at 25? My birthday horoscope from the local paper advised I ease into everything i do this year. Take on what's most important to me - what offers the most return, and to not waste time on the impossible. What does that mean? To plant plants, rebuild my fence, and save money for future travel :)

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