Oh 2015

Looking back at 2015, it was a year of big things and growth, as well as loss and searching for strength in myself. House hunting and buying, family fights and disagreements. It was a memorable year to say the least.

For 2016, i anticipate a lot of house projects, quickly it has become my biggest hobby. And, thinking about growing The Oh Ana Shop. This hobby shop grew a lot in two years, and now it pays for its self with real money - like a real business. So 2016 is a good year to treat it better. On one hand i'm excited for more spread sheets (i like business projects), on the other it feels like a chore after starting and maintaining it for fun...

Anyhoo, this blog isn't going anywhere in 2016. This is the 8th year of my life it captures! I'm still more active on instagram (but aren't well all now, its so fast and easy...). Here are some of my favorite photos from 2015~

This starts with the biggest thing i've ever procured.... obviously... and then no particular order, just that 2015 was beautiful.

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