Olympia Brewery for Black Friday

Oh Hello!

the past few weeks have been busy to say the least - over on instagram i shared a little of my progress with home renovations. Ripping up carpet and scraping black tar off the floors, refinished my fir floors, ripping down the ceiling and rebuilding it.... and paint, i painted my fireplace metallic gold! but now i'm taking a break while the busy season at work heats up. between house projects and work stress i've lost 2 inches from my waistline, so there's one advantage to being so dang busy!

For black friday, you could find Anthony and i having a casual lunch and beer at Three Magnets Brewing in Olympia, and then a walk around Tumwater Falls and the Abandoned Olympia Breweries. I haven't been down to see the older brewery in about five years. We didn't get very far until we were approached and politley asked to leave/stop trespassing... but its been gutted and slightly fixed up in those years. there are redevelopment projects on the horizon for this derelict site. The man who bought the brewery has flipped a lot of large properties around the Tacoma area. My mom was often in competition with the same guy when she was looking to buy a building a few years ago. I should have asked the caretaker more questions on our way out! :)

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