wood paneling CAN be cool

Normally i don't post content i haven't created, but let's talk home decor inspiration. One of the many quirks about my new old little house are the 1960's updates. I had wood textured linoleum over perfectly good fir floors, and i have wood paneling. We chipped out the horrible tiles and the floors are getting refinished, but, to keep the wood paneling or not to keep? Welp, I think I've talked myself into keep! A - it's one less thing to rip apart, and B - i think it can actually be cool! my style has been evolving into a mid-century modern kick (largely inspired by visiting Falling Water last autumn), and the photos below seal the deal. I'm picturing painting my panel walls a soft white (do you know how many shades of white paint are out there?!), and adding in my usual worldly bohemian flair, easy because i already own it ;)

The ceiling is another beast though. We have ceiling tiles... yep, i know, nope! I think thin new drywall over top is my top option, be look at those simple beams in the first photo below....

follow my construction on the ol' instagram, and i'll update here with the pretty part :)

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