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this is an ad free blog, but you know what - i can totally advertise myself right?! :)

this was a hard week as far as buying a house goes. i found a great house, perfect! but then we did some inspection work, a sewage scope, and bam. the waste pipes don't really exist and this house has been leaking sewage underground for years! a pricey deal-breaking discovery. as sad as it is, i'm also instantly relieved of a lot of stress. stress has been haunting me for weeks, so much tension! but, here is one less thing to focus on... so there's that. and who knows, maybe i'll be closing on a NEW house by next month anyway! (my closing date HAD been Sept. 10th...)

long story short, i'm back to the beginning.... the house hunt continues.

this is great for everyone else though because i'm now offering a store-wide 25% off sale! woohoo! no code needed, all items already marked down. AND here is a 10% code on top of that, just use "somethingnice" at checkout.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, good luck with the house hunting! I'm in the same boat, trying to buy a house down here in Oly and it's been a really long and stressful process. So fingers crossed for the both of us! (And as always, beautiful pics).