no trolls under this bridge

sometimes it seems as though everyday life is a viscous cycle of working hard all week long, and reserving the weekend to do your personal chores of cleaning, food-shopping, paperwork... a never ending list of to-dos. personally though, i think it is crucial to put some time into what isn't considered necessary - but completely necessary when it comes to your health and balance, free time. unplanned days to hang out in a river, thrift a little, eat-out (just a little!). i left work on friday with a new google review from a pushy non-customer that really put a damper on my spirit. i hate this age of internet reviews. before, i found them misused and only a reflection of two extreme sides. and now, i can't agree more! as part of a small business, or large business, you just have to expect to be bullied or else. and those bullies really do have a lot of power.

even this week, for a case in point of misused review sites: how about the lion killing dentist this past week? yeah, that guy is awful. but spamming up his business's yelp? destroying everyone else who worked with him? the issue is not his dentistry, leave that out for a relevant fight - it's his personal actions and hobbies. the internet is full of self righteous trolls, it's easy to say mean things when you're anonymous, and i think that is just horrible.

all and all, i started my weekend on a bitter and sad note. the best ways to cope with what i have no power over? oh, the usual activities that are always fun. thifting for the shop, my little foster cat for the next couple of weeks, and a gal pal river day. never underestimate the power of lady friends and perhaps a glass of wine or two. sunday also turned out to be national friendship day! (there is a day for everything... glad i unknowingly celebrated this one!) soothing, laid-back, non judgmental moments of real people with honest things to say - or not say 'cause you're busy sitting in the river listing to the birds and wind. i take stress hard sometimes (especially with added stress of currently buying a house...!!! more details to come), and life isn't always a beach... but it sure does help to pretend.

here we drove past our usual river patch - to a part i've never seen with a neat bridge that emerges from a forever-under-construction dirt highway. soft soot underfoot, we splashed around for hours covered in river slime and tiny pyrite pieces on a hot but mostly overcast day. even though no hiking was involved for this outing, my bum and legs a bit sore the day after, all that water play.

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