the 4th

Of course you found me out on the water this weekend! With this heat wave in the Northwest, I figured I wouldn't be able to make it through the 4th of July solely on land... So Anthony and I drove to Steilacoom, to be picked up by my family's 1968 Owens cruiser :)

As soon as you get out on the water, you'd be amazed how refreshing it is! Always more of a breeze -not to say we totally beat the heat, I was covered in sweat and sunscreen for two days! We spent most of our time at the Longbranch Marina past McNeil and Anderson Islands. A strong community based Northwest boaters paradise. Nothing fancy, but shade from the blazing sun, friendly faces, and inlets to explore! You know how much I love looking for old broken things :)

Across the water we revisited an old cabin, I haven't been there in four years! Sadly the raccoon pelt was gone but it was just as fun. I insisted we didn't need to bring phones when we took the dinghy out, and of course the motor was quite finicky... But we had ores, so I started rowing us back! A few painful minutes later (I mean, I was having fun! I think Anthony just couldn't bare to watch me anymore... Turns out I'm not a strong rower) he was able to start the dang Engine, and we returned to the main dock!

We walked up the road to check out the cemetery, look for more abandoned little houses, and up to Gracie Mountain. A parcel for sale that my father has named after his dog. (That also features an excellent view of Mount Rainier)

Longbranch is also a great marina for the holiday because of all of the rival families around the inlet. At least five groups setting off the biggest fireworks they could get their hands on! A little scary initially, I'm not one for big booms... But a good show at the end of the day all the same, and away from big crowds, I detail not lost on me!

We slept on the back of the boat, open to the shooting stars. We were only a little dewy in the morning, and the dog kept us warm all night. I think she was mad at my dad for subjecting her into all of the fireworks!

and on our way to "Gracie Mountain"

The next morning we headed to Lakebay marina. A charming joint I feel like I've watched grow up! Well… It's been an old soda shop before, but a new owner has brought an exceptional life back to it! I miss how ramshackle it was circa 10 years ago... But it's great to see such a cool property being loved again! We stayed longer than we intended due to an electrical issue, old boats! We made it back safe and sound though.

Tonight I'm exhausted! A little bit dehydrated, and a little bit sunburnt, but dreaming of our next outing already :) it's good to live in the great Pacific Northwest.

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