Talapus and Olallie Lakes

35mm film! it's been a while. so long, it's now much harder to even develop it! by chance, i picked the very same week local pharmacies are having their machines packed-up forever!... this will be a pain later i'm sure.

in the past two weeks or so i've hiked about 16 mile with sara, she has a goal of 100 miles this summer! and while i'm not goal oriented in this endeavor, i like tagging along for the sites, and you know, exercise. sometimes i try to do crunches and/or push-ups at home, but honestly it feels like my soul is dying. i hate it. but getting outside and walking trails for 4 hours? yes! i can do that!

maybe this hike was unusual for me, because our attraction of the day were lakes, not ruins! lake are pretty great too... this was an 89% humidity colder day with the little bit of rain that hit over the weekend. i dressed in a sundress and cotton cardi... silly, i was freezing at first! i was thinking about all the other hikes we've been up to, and how sweaty we were getting, not that kind of day on saturday!

along with two other hiking accomplices, Miss V and Jeff, we tackled Talapus and Olallie Lakes. A pretty hike, but a lot more popular that what i'm usualy up for - way too many people for my tastes.

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