summer feels

They say millennial's aren't very patriotic, and I suppose I'm One of them… Not that I don't appreciate this country, leave it to the BBC news to remind you of that thoroughly. Maybe it's even more that millennial's are noted to not be interested in politics. (but hey, Bernie Sanders is an awesome dude)

Independence Day is hit and miss for me, summer holidays are wonderful, but my gentle soul cringes with fireworks. I'm startled with big booms, and then I start feeling for the animals in the area. If we have to have fireworks, do they have to be so loud?

I come from a liberal artistic family. No guns, pro women's rights, equality for all, support (our) small businesses, The wealthy should pay their damn fair share of taxes(!)... And so far this year I think our country has done something pretty fantastic! So if I had to pick a particular reason to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, it will be for a tremendous previous week!

And here - some summer tune for the next few hot days.

summer feels from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

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