Haddaway Hall Greenhouse

After some Sunday hiking plans fell through, i went off to another derelict green house to cure my photo-bug. I've seen this attraction many times in my life, only a few miles from where i grew up. But today i took the time to research it a bit.

This is part of the Weyerhaeuser Mansion, or Haddaway Hall. Most recently it had been a seminary for the better part of the past 30 years. Though it was originally constructed in 1923 for the timber baron John Weyerhaeuser and his wife. The main house is a 52-room, 15,600-square-foot mansion, one of the finest in the Pacific Northwest they say. It recently sold for over 5 million! The property's grounds were designed by the Olmsted Brothers - who are also responsible for landscaping New York City's Central Park! What a strange gem to stumble upon...

The online real-estate listings show off the the regal and well-maintained mansion, though as we see here in my photos, the servant’s quarters and a greenhouse have fallen behind over the years. what a contradiction between detailed gold leaf finishes and the side that faces this street. There's some history for the day.

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