a river in may!

wow, this is the earliest i've ever visited my favorite snoqualmie river spot! hot weather, cold water, perfect! and with two dogs who hated the water at that!

when packing for a leisurely river afternoon, i include a couple old tapestries to sit on, a sunhat or parasol, sunscreen, and a bag on wine! emphasis on the the wine bladder, they float, and you can weight them down with rocks to chill your wine in the river!

Sara brought along two animal companions for the afternoon (their parents are on a road trip). Leika is well trained and a good outdoor dog, but HATES water. Sara carried her to a little rock island, a very shallow walk from shore - and this dog would not budge! finally sara went to "rescue" her, but plopped her into the water halfway!... it was hot outside, she was fine! :)

nakota was our other dog friend for the day. she was a stray on native reservation in north dakota. our vet friend found a soft spot and brought her back to washington. she's blind in one eye and was embedded with fishhooks when they found her. she wanted to stay in the bushes all day, so we let her do her wild dog thing.

this sweet spot is about an hours drive - but oh so worth it! one day i make my way further down this dirt road to a rumored hot springs!

watch it grow

everyone has a hobby, and if it's free day you will find anthony outside in his garden. aaaaall day. yesterday was his first break after a chaotic work schedule, so aside from catching up on laundry, he put time into the plant babies. for a small yard, this guy has maximized what will fit. lots of raised beds, a massive greenhouse system in the back, and now the front yard is getting some love with newer fruit trees.

the garden is especially fun this year as plants become more established (at least from my impatient perspective... and probably his as well!). he bought the house in october of 2013, so this is his second spring haul. another unique aspect to the garden is that 90% is dedicated to food! his passion is growing his own produce so there are lots of greens, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, radish, beans, peas, corn, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, pears, apples, herbs, carrots, potatoes.... to name a few. and i know i'm forgetting something...

i joined him for a bit of the day... even mowed his lawn! ;)

here are some bits and pieces of the day... mostly in the golden hour as he finally called it day! everything is blooming and growing so quickly this year thanks to the mild winter!

i think he should have his own garden blog, don't you?!