what it takes to buy a house

i don't even know how many times i've mentioned moving on this blog. something about the rental market, always dealing with broken pipes and ceiling leaks - and having no power to fix them. crappy bathroom hooks and towel bars, poor storage options, no yard... and expensive. what isn't there to love?! but in all seriousness, i've had a lot of defeating moments the past couple years with renting and what i can *afford* living on my own. so, this little idea of maybe buying a house has been growing.

my family (mother) have been pushing the perks of home ownership for years, while the market has been low. and of course, the endless resource of a boyfriend who bought his first home in october of 2013. a big thing for me has been wrapping my head around how to even start buying a home... mortgage broker? loans? i can't pay $130,000 for a starter house, oh wait, i don't have to pay that out of pocket right away... duh. well, all new stuff to me! and as my new realtor advises me, no questions are dumb questions! (i don't think they know how much they have to explain to me yet...). what i'm often surprised by is that i actually can buy a house. it seems so foreign and strange... and makes me sit up straiter. why yes, i am indeed an adult of home buying age.

so after announcing to friends in january that 2015 might be a home buying year, this past week in late march i have actually taken steps! no home in mind just yet... but i just got my pre-approval!

i'm going to try to write about this journey from time to time to document my progress in the only way i know how, scatter brained. because there are probably other young home buyers out there who are just as lost as i am. renting is great, it's less of a commitment, you can pack-up and start over quickly, you're not responsible when the house breaks.... but man is it a money pit! i lucked out with spacious & cheeeeeap apartment, but for $700 a month i could totally own something, pay a mortgage, and build my assets!

anyhoo, pinterest has been really inspiring me lately.. terrible way to start, i know, but gosh darn it i want to build my indoor plant collection, and spread out a little!

so far - so ana. i've looked into two houses... neither of which i can buy because they are cash out only or need special financing... but take a look at his sweet 1971 modern property, or this cute little 100 year old craftsman... paint and landscaping could do wonders for both!

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