this weeks closet

i give everything away on instagram first... but this week i worked on a little photo series of daily outfits.

like most, there is always a collection of pieces i tend to gravitate towards the most... a rotating interest in particular cardigans and dresses - this week was no exception. right now i'm really into soft jersey dresses with fun cardigans and jewelry. i found this sweet black one on etsy and have worn it too many times to count in the past four months. i like it's simple shape - but surprise detail in the back!

this week started awash in sunshine which inspired me to pull out some long sundresses for the first time this year! both the vintage teal Indian dress and red gunne sax came from etsy. i swear they were killer deals though! i'm sure you know how much some sellers want for these styles - so when i see them cheap and in the perfect measurements i get impulsive. i just spotted the teal dress in orange! so sweet... i already have a similar one in pink though ;)

what a spectrum to go though in five days, sunny and warm, sunny and less warm, not sunny, colder not sunny and wet. that's washington for ya.

i really loved milla's idea to limit clothing purchases for a year, as a fellow close horse i thought i could get behind such an effort easily. well, nope, not really it turns out. i talk myself out of a lot of things, and i sell pieces i'm bored of fairly often... but i'm a creative and clothing speaks to me. my life is decorating. embellishing my home, hair, style, hobbies, and work. variety is what keeps me entertained. i never drive the same way to work everyday. i zigzag through new neighborhoods (sometimes doubling my commute) for the hell of it and to find new things. cute houses, pretty gardens, odd neighbors. so as much as i don't neeeeed double closet space to survive, if i can have it - i'll happily take it and use it.

funny enough, in house hunting - closet space and/or an extra studio space is HUGE on my list. i don't need much space, but i need a place to store my shop pieces... and my extra me pieces. i have two closets in my apartment bedroom, a his and a hers. but since it's only me - they're a hers and a hers.

five days of outfits.

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Milla said...

Aaeee! Sweet duds man!