san juan island part 2

a week later and i'm finishing these photos! a well known secret around friday harbor on san juan island is Popeye, the friendly friday harbor seal. she's been a regular near the fish market on the dock for years! i've never met such a social sea-dog :) we met her last year, and while down at the market this year i called out her name and up popped her head. she's a good model, like many have been in this spot before!... i sat with her for a few minutes while others shopped for fresh halibut to barbecue for dinner. okay, so apparently i'm a part-time animal portrait photographer! ha... i've always loved human portrait taking - so i suppose it's suiting that i have good luck with animals. they know i don't eat them so they're all my friends! or so i'd like to think :)

tell us of your sea-dog ways.

we stumbled upon Snug Harbor resort this go around, and while i'm not much of a resort person - i'm digging their new cabins! and they smell fantastic inside! like wood. warm comforting wood.

meanwhile, back at our homestead in roche harbor - plenty of peace and quite was to be had in the off season. our days were long on the island and by day three i was getting tired! anthony went on a solo walk through the lime quarries while i napped (bummed i didn't get a chance to see them again... but naps are important!) and returned with a deer skull - of course. he went bushwhacking and rock-climbing while out. not surprised he found the quiet resting place of this creature.

we didn't walk nearly as much this year, but we did find some good spots to be.

always looking for weird stuff - like this pineapple house! a local eccentric artist had many creations to discover. i think we should have left my mom, she was with her people there....

another different thing i wanted to see this year were alpacas! did you know expensive these creatures are? they're rare in the states and females are worth up to $30,000 because they have slow breeding rates. anyhooo - they're funny. hilarious when they have an itchy spot and scratch it with their tiny legs.

hey, you know what's important with washington state ferries these days? reservations. my sister suggested it for when we left the mainland, but when we were heading off the island we didn't have one and nearly missed our ride! the rest of my family stayed a few extra days and ended up being delayed 5 hours until they got a spot.... reservations are worth it.

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