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flowers! ah, yes, the warm(er) weather and spring are so welcomed! as a NW native, i'm okay with overcast and rain... but sure enough, come spring i'm ready to be dragged out of my gothy winter moods.

in blog news, i changed my domain! woohoo! you're now looking at ohanaorsomething.com
no blogspot.com stuff anymore ;)

with this personality update, i think a face-lift is in order... so things will be changing around here... just a wee bit at least. I haven't really "rebranded" this blog in nearly 5 years! so let's get crazy! one issue i'm having is finding the old CSS controlling my fonts... i started using the cursive google font a few years back, and now i can't find the code, or come up with a different code to overwrite it... back when blogger had different editing methods. i think i'm going to have to start from scratch if i really want to change it...

in other news, my shop is having a spring sale, 15% off with "SPRING" - i'm out of closet space and need help! do you think 20% off is a better idea?... it might come to that, mhmm

some lighthearted moments from this past week (shown on instagram first...). i found an afghan quilt dress! so sweet, and matches a throw i've had on my couch for ages, so here we are, together ;) i've also, sorta, helped A in his garden a bit. i have a newly discovered interest in mowing grass. and, i helped plant a couple rhubarb bbs in the front yard (per my request). i wouldn't say i'm a full blown gardener at this point, that's Anthony's passion, but i'm learning to get my hands dirtier. and finally, a big fire over the weekend to welcome spring! anthony's idea, a good one too! i spotted a goat head in the flame of this photo, eerie and a good omen we think.

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