i'm a dot com

flowers! ah, yes, the warm(er) weather and spring are so welcomed! as a NW native, i'm okay with overcast and rain... but sure enough, come spring i'm ready to be dragged out of my gothy winter moods.

in blog news, i changed my domain! woohoo! you're now looking at ohanaorsomething.com
no blogspot.com stuff anymore ;)

with this personality update, i think a face-lift is in order... so things will be changing around here... just a wee bit at least. I haven't really "rebranded" this blog in nearly 5 years! so let's get crazy! one issue i'm having is finding the old CSS controlling my fonts... i started using the cursive google font a few years back, and now i can't find the code, or come up with a different code to overwrite it... back when blogger had different editing methods. i think i'm going to have to start from scratch if i really want to change it...

in other news, my shop is having a spring sale, 15% off with "SPRING" - i'm out of closet space and need help! do you think 20% off is a better idea?... it might come to that, mhmm

some lighthearted moments from this past week (shown on instagram first...). i found an afghan quilt dress! so sweet, and matches a throw i've had on my couch for ages, so here we are, together ;) i've also, sorta, helped A in his garden a bit. i have a newly discovered interest in mowing grass. and, i helped plant a couple rhubarb bbs in the front yard (per my request). i wouldn't say i'm a full blown gardener at this point, that's Anthony's passion, but i'm learning to get my hands dirtier. and finally, a big fire over the weekend to welcome spring! anthony's idea, a good one too! i spotted a goat head in the flame of this photo, eerie and a good omen we think.

Port Townsend & Pretty Girls

the beginning of the year has a lot of birthdays, and after feeling endlessly inspired by cabins on Airbnb for my birthday last month.... well, we marked our calendars for a mega birthday celebration in Port Townsend. winter? nope, that didn't happen in washington. the sun was out for us in full force! this was a much needed ladies weekend!

Our cabin was a 5 minute drive from town, and down a secluded dirt road with several forks. Hard to find and very private. Artisan built, my favorite feature was the solarium! a third of the house was built around this unique and enchanting space. bathed in sunlight, the hammock at the bottom was awesome and begged the question, why don't i have an indoor hammock at my house?!

with a "gourmet" kitchen, we had a lot of fun preparing meals with local goat cheese and ciders. ah, the ciders! we visited Finnriver and Eaglemount (where the rhubarb cider was the biggest hit in our group, i think we all had fond childhood memories of rhubarb in the garden). we also met tons of chickens at finnriver after our tasting. i must say, roosters really are jerks! that aside, chickens are so funny, we were captivated for a good while... like the chickens were better than the booze. on our way out we picked up fresh duck eggs that turned into the most perfect fried eggs in the morning.

funny when you plan a gathering of six people ladies and bring along a dozen board games... nope, didn't need those! just ourselves, cider, whiskey, cheese, and tunes! my legs were sore on sunday from what i can only assume was ridiculous dancing!

in the morning we explored the surrounding woods, the property had an old treehouse we were all pretty into. and further back in the woods we found an abandoned log cabin! while a bit moldy inside, it was another exciting place.

before heading home, kylie took us to a (closed) park called The End of the World. The fog was heavy on this particular sunday afternoon, and the cliff appeared to drop you off into the clouds! i read later that the bluff is highly unstable and continues to collapse into the Strait of Juan de Fucai... and a woman recently fell to her death from this very spot. yeah, okay fine, i see why it is "closed." i took advantage of the the sun popping through the trees though!

you can find the cabin here, if you're interested.

what keeps you centered

it's been a distracting month and a half. i've been learning more about myself in times of anguish though. okay fine, i'm often hyper sensitive. i take what people say to heart and fester on it even when i can acknowledge the nonsense.

sewing up elbow holes and holding the family together.

it's a cabin in the woods weekend, be back with the pretty details.