Harrington-Beall Greenhouse Company

what's a weekend without at least one impulsive adventure? selena joined me for lunch at vashon island's snapdragon bakery (my second time there, and just a good!) and humored me chasing a memory of abandoned greenhouses.

i had seen this place from the road a couple times and always wanted to see more. with a little research i unfolded the story and returned to explore. this was once the site of the Harrington-Beall Greenhouse Company - a world renowned orchid and rose operation that spent 101 years on the site, from 1885-1989. the Beall family property has 59 greenhouses representing 100 years of the evolution of greenhouse technology. they even safeguarded Britain's national orchid collection during world war II.

20 years ago a couple bought the 25 acre property and opened studio spaces for artists. while not much can be done for most of the greenhouse ruins, i appreciate their efforts in preserving what they can (say the main family homes).

many of the derelict greenhouses and out-buildings still stand, acres and acres of them. they are beautiful in their decay. we joked about how nature was seeking revenge and reclaiming the glass houses.

we only scratched the surface of this place. we didn't venture too deep as to not bother the current tenants of the land, but man, what a cool spot! the sparse winter landscape made it easier to move around and see the frames of the greenhouses. lots of glass on the ground, but i'm sure this a beautiful place in spring!


Demetria | Engrained said...

oh, my, goodness. this place is amazing -- and that dress!

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