bad blogger

sometimes i feel like a terrible blogger because when i manage to get around to my scarce posts, i'm always too tired to write much insight. most of the time i put all my effort into pumping out photos to share instead. it's not really the worst thing, i think this space is still very much my own, but in 2015 i'm going to take on more meaningful content practices. i want to start lists of post ideas i'm interested in sharing, and maybe add in more everyday pieces (believe it or not, i'm not actually in the woods everyday!). maybe more cooking? and notes about my hobbies. an update on my favorite (budget savvy) camera gear? what about a personal guide to estate sales (by far may favorite thifting exercise)? even care and laundering thoughts on vintage pieces, how practical!

it's easy to overlook what you find so mundane and basic in your everyday world as interesting content others might benefit from. but honestly those posts by my favorite bloggers draw me in the most! they feel intimate to an extent without actually knowing anything about that person, just the lovely things they care about.

hello, 2015, i want to make more things!

(starting off vague again, these are just random recent photos)

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