on a tall day

as a teenager i started shopping in the childrens department for cardigans. at 5 feet 2.5 inches i learned quickly the US market wasn't made my size, especially with petite departments disappearing. one of the many reasons i love vintage aesthetic clothing is the size, or rather, the length. i like sweaters that hit at my low waist which translates to "cropped" styles, the childrens department, or vintage! these days i'm a modern 2 on top, 4 on bottom, and clothing myself feels like an art.

the best thing you can teach your petite child is how to sew! my sister and i were always the smallest in our class and my mom had a hunch we wouldn't even reach her modest height of 5 ft 4in. so we took up sewing projects along side of her as she worked on gala gowns and alterations for herself. my pants typically require 6 inches to be removed, skirts often 5 inches. between hand-sewing and quick machine alterations, i have a system down! (i also have piles of scrap fabric from hems that i need to find a project for, i think a new dress from hems would be kind of funny.)

it's not just clothing, my feet are also a itty bitty US size 5.5. this is frustrating when you find most shoes start at a size 6 & will instantaneously slip off your heel. hello internet, this is how i buy my shoes. when i do stop into mega retailers such as nordstrom rack (cause i'm all about deals!), there is also the obstacle of competitive Asian grandmas in the little feet aisle. seriously! sometimes i think i'm the only person who notices, but these ladies shove their big carts along and take up as much room as they can for first dibs on spotting shoes... it's a thing. you gotta be crafty to get around them.

another fun petite thing is having everything out of your reach. i get a descent amount of stretching in each week with trying to grab items out of cupboards or off grocery store shelves. best advice here are cute stepping stools (i use an antique kitchen stool everyday, though i still climb on the counter top fairly often as well...) and tall friends (grateful for my 6ft 5in boyfriend, and simultaneously sympathetic to his "tall" problems. being too long for an average bed for instance).

at work, i'm the first person to ask when something is stuck in a vase because my hands are the smallest, naturally.

i'm not the tiniest person out there, but i feel the struggle.
by the way, for the namesake of this post, on a tall day, i stay i'm 5ft3.

bad blogger

sometimes i feel like a terrible blogger because when i manage to get around to my scarce posts, i'm always too tired to write much insight. most of the time i put all my effort into pumping out photos to share instead. it's not really the worst thing, i think this space is still very much my own, but in 2015 i'm going to take on more meaningful content practices. i want to start lists of post ideas i'm interested in sharing, and maybe add in more everyday pieces (believe it or not, i'm not actually in the woods everyday!). maybe more cooking? and notes about my hobbies. an update on my favorite (budget savvy) camera gear? what about a personal guide to estate sales (by far may favorite thifting exercise)? even care and laundering thoughts on vintage pieces, how practical!

it's easy to overlook what you find so mundane and basic in your everyday world as interesting content others might benefit from. but honestly those posts by my favorite bloggers draw me in the most! they feel intimate to an extent without actually knowing anything about that person, just the lovely things they care about.

hello, 2015, i want to make more things!

(starting off vague again, these are just random recent photos)

sometimes you get lost

a foggy sunday afternoon in the woods.

i found a promising looking trail the other day to try out for the weekend, it had 150 years of american history to explore with coal mine relics and homesteads. well, we didn't see any of that. a bad turn here and there and we got lost! not even inside the park anymore... but, it was still a good day, good company, and a good workout too! once again a reason to back sometime and read our directions better.

it's been pretty foggy out lately and we had some beautiful scenery today.

Here's the tail we were looking for if you're interested.

the forest dragon!

2014 in review

Looking over at the side of this blog, 2015 is the 7th year I will be documenting! Seriously! I started this little thing when I first moved away from home and started design school in seattle. I was 19 and a spaze, er, well, still a spaze, but a 7 year wiser spaze. This year I celebrate year 25 and have some big plans on the horizon.

2014 started quickly, I was off to Nashville last January for an award nomination in the Special Events industry. It was a wild ride, both for the snow storms that covered much of the US, but also being perhaps one of the youngest nominees for design work. From Seattle we traveled to Detroit to get to Nashville, and Atlanta and Houston to get home! This was year of a lot of travel, 14 states with my road trip this past autumn!

There was lots of adventure in 2014, and i hope for more 2015!

2014 was also a year for growing friendships. I was around so many new and old friends, and despite my loner tendencies, it felt really nice. i've always appreciated a handful of closer friends to piles of acquaintances.

cooking was also a blast this year, it helps to have a partner to help (who will also take care of extensive leftovers for picky eaters like me...). Being a home chef is so fun and anthony has kept me inspired to try lots of new things. He even got me to eat way more vegetables and use a little less cheese ;) My favorite recipe of the year was a weird one, Braised Coconut Spinach & Chickpeas with Lemon - Served over a Roasted Sweet Potato. Holy grail of flavor! This sounds random with thai and italian influences, it is, but gosh was it was yummy! We used kale instead of spinach. make this!

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite photos from the year. Magic.

New Year Steve 2015

Well, January 1st was a rather slow day, this may have been due to the night before. :)

I visited a party store earlier this week, inspired by a funny moment from last year. Hats were very important this year. While there, I also came across holographic streamer curtains and knew a photo booth was needed. So here is what happened with that, the last photos from 2014 and first of 2015.

This post is just goofy, tomorrow I'll have a better retrospect of 2014... ;)