Olympia Brewery for Black Friday

Oh Hello!

the past few weeks have been busy to say the least - over on instagram i shared a little of my progress with home renovations. Ripping up carpet and scraping black tar off the floors, refinished my fir floors, ripping down the ceiling and rebuilding it.... and paint, i painted my fireplace metallic gold! but now i'm taking a break while the busy season at work heats up. between house projects and work stress i've lost 2 inches from my waistline, so there's one advantage to being so dang busy!

For black friday, you could find Anthony and i having a casual lunch and beer at Three Magnets Brewing in Olympia, and then a walk around Tumwater Falls and the Abandoned Olympia Breweries. I haven't been down to see the older brewery in about five years. We didn't get very far until we were approached and politley asked to leave/stop trespassing... but its been gutted and slightly fixed up in those years. there are redevelopment projects on the horizon for this derelict site. The man who bought the brewery has flipped a lot of large properties around the Tacoma area. My mom was often in competition with the same guy when she was looking to buy a building a few years ago. I should have asked the caretaker more questions on our way out! :)

wood paneling CAN be cool

Normally i don't post content i haven't created, but let's talk home decor inspiration. One of the many quirks about my new old little house are the 1960's updates. I had wood textured linoleum over perfectly good fir floors, and i have wood paneling. We chipped out the horrible tiles and the floors are getting refinished, but, to keep the wood paneling or not to keep? Welp, I think I've talked myself into keep! A - it's one less thing to rip apart, and B - i think it can actually be cool! my style has been evolving into a mid-century modern kick (largely inspired by visiting Falling Water last autumn), and the photos below seal the deal. I'm picturing painting my panel walls a soft white (do you know how many shades of white paint are out there?!), and adding in my usual worldly bohemian flair, easy because i already own it ;)

The ceiling is another beast though. We have ceiling tiles... yep, i know, nope! I think thin new drywall over top is my top option, be look at those simple beams in the first photo below....

follow my construction on the ol' instagram, and i'll update here with the pretty part :)

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a house to call my own

in April i announced my ambition to buy a house this year, the hunt stared in March.
And nearly seven months later, guess what?! (i already spilled the beans on instagram.... but!)

a fixer-upper, but MY fixer-upper! built in 1921, this 930ish sq ft craftsman has good bones. while on a first-time-home-buyer-budget, i had been searching for an older home that had at least a little bit of original charm. it was proving to be difficult thanks to flippers (who buy cheap houses, gut them, and send them back out into the world for a 50% profit). there was also that much needed realization that my first home would indeed NOT be my dream home. a harsh reality, but honest.

Destiny. I was driving down a street I typically had no business on and noticed a sale sign. I couldn't find anything about the house online, so I called the realtors listed number. The realtor apologized and said the sign was put up far too early and the house wasn't ready to be listed yet… But he gave me the price (in budget!) and I passed the info to my awesome realtor team. I was allowed to view the property (inside!) the next day, and knew after my long hunt this house was the right fit . We talked the seller into accepting my full price offer and not even listing the house to the public. So there. Meant to be.

how backwards youth can be from our grandmother's days. for a gal to buy a house on her own while simultaneously shaping a career sans man. (well, to be fair, i have a very nice man, but not a legal binding). on a unrelated tangent, i've been listening to Aziz Ansari's book Modern Romance(hilarious and informative!). he discussed relationships with 80 y/o women whom all agreed, getting married was step one to becoming an adult, your ticket out of your parents house. so, oh how interesting and have times changed since their youth... independent lady power! anyhow - that book is a great listen!... now back to THE HOUSE!

i have carpet to remove, floors to refinish, walls to paint, ceilings to cover.... currently it is very grey. but we all know it's going to eventually be a bohemian palace. :)

yo, hello original fir floors! so good to see you under there!

it isn't my intention to turn this into a home improvement blog, but fair warning - i will surely share progress. let's face it, this is where all my $$$ are headed for a while.

Finding Bordeaux

Bordeaux was established in 1900 as a logging town in the Capitol Forest. You know those massive open beams in warehouses around Seattle and Tacoma? (now often repurposed as trendy restaurants...) Good chance those fir and cedar beams came through towns like these. Bordeaux offered jobs through WWI and was dismantled in 1941 when the area ran out of trees.

After 70 years of being abandoned, all that is left of the old timber town are some eerie crumbling brick walls of the saw mill, the bank vault, a smoke stack (seen in the photo above!), the foundation (or ceiling?) of an out building, bridge footings and a single house. Notably Courtney Love bought the Bordeaux superintendent house in the late 90s... sadly the Cobain family tore down the original school house on the property during their ownership...

70 years. that's all it takes for nature to have it's revenge on a logging town. This is the second time I've ventured out to this sight. The first time we totally missed the BIG ruins, so this visit was epic in comparison. I was so busy looking up and snapping photos that I walked through nettles twice. Twice!

can you see it yet?

If you're interested in finding this place for yourself, i recommend the this website.