Swan Creek

and we're almost through the holidays! i took today off from work and went on a walk with vimala and anthony around swan creek. we mostly had the whole park all to ourselves!

i've had so many holiday gatherings this month, a goofy sweater party with friends, a swanky cocktail friends gathering, the winter solstice, christmas eve with my giant extended family, christmas morning with anthony's family, and christmas day with my family... on and on! the winter solstice is special in my family. my dad's cousin organizes a shriving ceremony each year to celebrate the solstice, pass candle light and welcome our ambitions for the coming year.

i want 2015 to be fresh and inspiring. i'm ready to embrace change and perhaps a next big step... like buying a little house for my 25th birthday. yeah a whole house! my goal is at least to start the process, work on my financing, annnnd let's see where i can go from there. for the same "rent" i pay now - i could be paying a mortgage and building my assets! big kid talk.

a free day?

Hi hello!

After a 54 hour work week i'm back to say hello! Between working and kitten cuddles, i haven't had time to document much of this season. But after this busy week i'm left with this off feeling of - now what? for the past few days i didn't have time for anything... but today, i had the whole day! and i felt bad about it. i felt useless instead of relaxed. So i spent today searching for a couple holiday gifts, playing with kittens, and making veggie chilli with my family. Sunday.

8 week old kitten joy. you can't have shoe laces AND kittens, that's too much to ask for.

this blonde kitten is the ultimate charmer and is going to become a company shop cat. we're thinking of naming him Jack.

back with my regular programing soon... :)