shaping the season

Yesterday was a day to run over to Vashon Island for lunch. We had giant sandwiches at Snapdragon Bakery, so good! Then coffee at The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie . And finally a couple good walks... those sandwiches filled us for hours! We meet a pretty okay goat too!

A few cute things have happened recently... like a pile of itty bitty kittens. Same deal as my moms cats, feral warehouse BBs! I have a generous friend who offered to watch them for a few weeks because they need to be bottle fed. I was nervous when my co-workers first brought them into the office, these kitten were tiny! so tiny they weren't weened yet, ugh. But, we're getting there! they are just about 5-6 weeks (4 weeks when they were caught). soon they will be eating solid food and ready for new families! this is five fewer cats to procreate in the port where cats do not belong.

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mondoagogo said...

Oh that last picture *dies of cuteness*