Kitten Therapy

A couple weeks later and couple weeks bigger.

Three weeks ago these guys needed to be bottle fed five times a day, they were tiny! We guessed possibly 3 1/2 weeks. We hit the milestone of kitten food this week, no more bottles! For feral warehouse kittens, i think they will be very sweet pets. They've had two dogs play mama and are very social! 6 weeks looks good on them. They play hard and nap hard. We have 4 boys, and one sweet little lady who doesn't care for all the rough play her brothers get into.

I'm convinced, kitten therapy is the best. Any stressful time can be soothed with a basket of tiny cats. Watching them run around is hilarious, and five kittens sleeping on you lap is heart melting.

In two more weeks they will be ripe for adoption and forever homes. But for now, I don't mind all the tiny cuts on my hands, they are precious. They have been attacking my laptop as i type... so to quote a kitten, "444444444444222 fffffffff."

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Milla said...

OOoh! Kittenses!