Discovery in November

A chilly walk over the weekend around Discovery Park. Anthony threw a rock across a frozen pond and it made a magical spaceship noise that I've never heard before. Funny when you're caught off guard by such a simple discovery, skidding a rock across a frozen pond :)

My busy season at work is picking up, it will be crazy through the first weekend of December. We're also moving our 17,000 sq ft warehouse. My mama bought a new building! (more on this... sometime. I own 10%!). We moved our desks and computers over to the new space today. :)

I've been burning a lot of candles at home (this one is dreamy!), and cooking some yummy seasonal recipes. I highly recommend this Smokey Butternut Squash Pasta with Greens. Love sweater and boot weather.

Also, kittens. Wait until my next post. It will be cute overload. You're welcome in advance.

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