two good reds

Something about autumn makes me crave lipstick. I'm not a heavy makeup gal - I use concealer under my eyes (forever purple fair skin), powder my face, and do soft smeary eyes. A classic 5 minute face. I am also thankful my eyebrows take no maintenance. They naturally grow into a pretty shape, maybe once a month i'll notice a stray hair... but otherwise i do nothing to them.

In the fall, I really love adding dark lipstick! A funny comment my mom has always told me, "you need lipstick!" She often tells me i look sick without lip color... too pale. Well, I don't mind being pale, but i do agree a little color is nice. Even though she only meant a soft pigment to break up my monotone head, dark reds are my favorite!

In the summer, lips are annoying to maintain. You can't expect everything to stay in place for the day when you're hot and sweaty, lipstick easily bleeds off my face. But in the colder months, yes, this is better.

Two reds I like~

Lime Crime - Glamour 101
A deep somewhat glossy red, good staying power. Other's describe it as "wine" - I think it's more blood red. ;)

MAC - Chili
Another highly pigmented matte red, but more brownish-orange, and for how deep in color it is - it's almost a neutral.

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