Even though it's still averaging 70 degrees outside... I'm starting to get into the season of fall. I'm slowly digging out cardigans and transitioning to boots.

This past week I decided to start going through my closet with the objective of pulling out pieces to sell or donate. Easier said than done... Some pieces I've never really worn - but they're so intricate and probably one-of-a-kind vintage. Other pieces are heavily worn with holes.... but we had such good times together! Uhg, I'm bad at this. My answer for now was to literally clean and dust my closets (i have two in the bedroom...) and switch the sides of everything. I moved the skirts where dresses were, and shirts where sweaters were. Maybe I'll feel reinspired by clothing i haven't noticed in a while - and maybe i'll realize that I'll probably never wear other things ~ making them easier to part with. I've browsed articles like this -7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet... good ideas - hard to do.

Other fall things I'm feeling~

I made an etsy treasury list for autumn, Stay Inside.

This playlist is from nearly two years ago - it's a nice folky, witchy, shoegaze mix. Anyone else make playlists on 8tracks?

as the days get darker from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

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