Autumn Mycology and Such

this weekend i visited dane and his new island life for the first time since we parted ways over a year ago. he had mentioned the energy and magic of whidbey island, and i suppose he's right.

he found a sweet tiny cabin in a quiet community of homes. his landlady is currently moving back in next door and we discovered she "night gardens." that is, she pushes a wheelbarrow around in complete darkness for fun? it was cute in an odd way.

we went on a few long walks, though the woods, around a cemetery, and over to the beach around Ebey.

it's mushroom season so i heavily documented our finds.


Even though it's still averaging 70 degrees outside... I'm starting to get into the season of fall. I'm slowly digging out cardigans and transitioning to boots.

This past week I decided to start going through my closet with the objective of pulling out pieces to sell or donate. Easier said than done... Some pieces I've never really worn - but they're so intricate and probably one-of-a-kind vintage. Other pieces are heavily worn with holes.... but we had such good times together! Uhg, I'm bad at this. My answer for now was to literally clean and dust my closets (i have two in the bedroom...) and switch the sides of everything. I moved the skirts where dresses were, and shirts where sweaters were. Maybe I'll feel reinspired by clothing i haven't noticed in a while - and maybe i'll realize that I'll probably never wear other things ~ making them easier to part with. I've browsed articles like this -7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet... good ideas - hard to do.

Other fall things I'm feeling~

I made an etsy treasury list for autumn, Stay Inside.

This playlist is from nearly two years ago - it's a nice folky, witchy, shoegaze mix. Anyone else make playlists on 8tracks?

as the days get darker from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

Peter Iredale

Get lost. I keep saying this in my head. This adventure bug is still going strong, and all I want to do is drive, far!

This week I remembered about the Peter Iredale, the bones of a shipwreck at the mouth of the Columbia River, the graveyard of the Pacific. I was actually mentioning it to a friend as a different thing to explore since the Vance Creek Bridge recently closed to the public (dang, that one would have been cool to see as well!… perhaps i have more fence hopping in my future…). I stole the idea for myself in the end though! With no planning and a full tank of gas, i convinced Selena to drive 6 hours round trip to find this place.

They say getting there is half the fun, we listened to Lena Dunham reading her new book, Not That Kind of Girl. I adore Lena, i like how real she is. She doesn't write glamorously, the life stories in this book were often cringe worthy awkward sex, and hypochondriac behavior. She shapes the world as the gritty and odd place it is, honestly makes you feel better about any irrational thought you've ever had. Time flies by with audio books.

We stopped at a few view points and abandoned barns. I got pickled eggs at a mini mart. I thought they were just hard boiled, so the vinegar startled me. I love pickles, i'm not sure i like pickled eggs now.

We were prepared for chilly October weather with boots and scarves. What we found once at the beach was a warm soft breeze and gentle seas. It is October right? I slid off my stockings in the car and switched to sandals, Selena walked barefoot. The ship wasn't hard to find. It was no more than 250 ft from the parking lot. That part of the beach was dotted with dozens of people. I was actually a bit disappointed. Notice the sand around my photos, highly trafficked. I knew low tide was at 3:30 so we had aimed to be in the park around then. Selena said she had never seen the ship out of the water though - so at least there was something new to the both of us.

Too trusting of the sea with our backs facing it, a giant waves slammed us. The water splashed high up my dress, and S's pants were soaked… oh well, all caution was lost after that. We stomped in puddles and kicked at the receding waves. Then a walk to dry off, climbing the dunes, and talking about love and life.

Coming home, we stopped in Astoria for dinner - first a walk up the Astoria Column. My knees were weak on the stairs with a hesitation about height. The top is a pretty view indeed. Astoria drew in hundreds of Finish immigrants in the early 20th century. Many speculate as a fishing community it wasn't terribly different from Finland. My moms family settled close to this area so I've always been intrigued by the history.

After some beer and dinner at Fort George Brewery - home we went… in the dark. We only had to turn around twice, not too bad!

two good reds

Something about autumn makes me crave lipstick. I'm not a heavy makeup gal - I use concealer under my eyes (forever purple fair skin), powder my face, and do soft smeary eyes. A classic 5 minute face. I am also thankful my eyebrows take no maintenance. They naturally grow into a pretty shape, maybe once a month i'll notice a stray hair... but otherwise i do nothing to them.

In the fall, I really love adding dark lipstick! A funny comment my mom has always told me, "you need lipstick!" She often tells me i look sick without lip color... too pale. Well, I don't mind being pale, but i do agree a little color is nice. Even though she only meant a soft pigment to break up my monotone head, dark reds are my favorite!

In the summer, lips are annoying to maintain. You can't expect everything to stay in place for the day when you're hot and sweaty, lipstick easily bleeds off my face. But in the colder months, yes, this is better.

Two reds I like~

Lime Crime - Glamour 101
A deep somewhat glossy red, good staying power. Other's describe it as "wine" - I think it's more blood red. ;)

MAC - Chili
Another highly pigmented matte red, but more brownish-orange, and for how deep in color it is - it's almost a neutral.