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As much as I would love to be the person who loves change... I guess I’m not. Change is good. Change keeps life moving. But I've always been a bit fragile on the subject. Especially when it wasn’t the most favorable change, of course. This week is sad. No other way to put it. My everyday world feels adverse, and keeping mascara on for the whole day is nearly impossible. But these are the times that break you down only to make you figure something else out. Busy projects, new hobbies, old friends, new friends. I started my etsy shop about a year ago under a very similar drive.

Next week I’ve committed 6 days to road-tripping across the states! Flying to Pennsylvania (never been there before…) alllll the way back to Washington. I figure it beats staying home, and while I’m not sure what I want to find or get out of it just yet – I’m sure there will be something. My dad purchased a sprinter van on ebay, but the shipping company hasn’t found anyone to take on the long drive to get it to Washington. He had been waiting for nearly a month and started asking around if anyone in the family wanted to go get it. Two weeks ago I had no interest. But when I woke up on Tuesday morning I gave him a call, I’m in! Plane tickets were purchased last night. And I have a week to prepare at work…

I’ve always loved little adventures, this one is a bit bigger, but I need it. I want to clear my mind, and this could be an excellent start.

photo by selena

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