Miles and Miles

I've been a lot of places this week. The road trip proceeded as planed, or not planned... We winged most of this trip - just went with the flow. Most days we drove nearly 650 miles! Sometimes through four states in a day! I kept a mole skin notebook to document each day, it seems wise to write it all down sooner than later while i still can remember. Covering 2,725ish miles from Pennsylvania to Washington in mostly 5 five days was a little insane.

I was going to break this up into a couple posts... but eh, I'm going for it all at once!

Day one we traveled approximately 3,145 miles! We flew to Philadelphia and took a smaller plane to Harrisburg to pick up our road machine, the van! The small flight was a little scary, the smallest plane I've ever been on, 32 passengers. The flight attendant was hilarious with bright blue eyeshadow, fuchsia lipstick, BIG teased bangs, and terrible dry humor. I was told by locals we were surrounded by the Amish, surrounded!! In Pennsylvania you can't buy beer in grocery stores, and don't dare miss your exit on the turn pike! The first day we didn't drive very far, the plane trips took up most of the day.

On Friday (day 2) we visited two Frank Lloyd Wright homes. First Kentuck Nob (hills are nobs in Pennsylvania!), and later Fallingwater - the coolest home I've ever stepped foot in, very inspiring! They were very strict about not taking photos of the inside... but if you're curious - its awesome.

above are photos from around Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Nob - below is the view from the nob. Pennsilvania was so green and lush! I had never thought about the landscape of this state prior to this trip - we were wowed!

below are photos from Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece - Fallingwater - which was built on top of a waterfall!! now... even though the home is gorgeous - it was not built to last in the 1930s... there have been countless renovation projects over the years restoring and replacing every aspect... and leaks, lots of leaks. at first i truly questioned why, yeah it's a cool place buuuuuut. well, you just have to go inside this marvel. it's a labor of love to this community - but it is grand!

We ended the day all the way in South Bend Indiana, it was a great sunset :)

Saturday (day 3) we did 580 more miles! 4 states, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, & Minnesota. After listening to The Devil in the White City the day before (audio books are priceless on long road trips...) we were excited to visit Chicago's 1893 fair grounds. The book is about H.H. Holms - a notorious serial killer psychopath.... AND the architects who designed the fair! We looked around The Museum of Science and Industry - which is in one of the original buildings (sadly, they only had one tiny exhibit about 1893...).

while in Chicago, we took a moment to dip our fingers in Lake Michigan... it's a big big lake...

Wisconsin was on of my favorite states to travel through. this was the fist state that really started to show signs of autumn. The trees were turning vibrant shades of red and gold, it was a wonderland!

we ended the day in western Minnesota, where we experienced heavy rain during an extreme sunset (well, we were driving west after all...). but after the rain came giant double rainbows. Favorite quote of the day: "don't yell at me I'm from Minnesota" - some guy at a bar. What a perfectly Minnesotan thing to say :)

Sunday (day 4) was St. Cloud Minnesota to Miles Montana. We had lunch in sleepy downtown Fargo and geared up for the long trip across North Dakota. Folks in Minnesota told us North Dakota was really boring so i was nervous. We listened to Sissy Spacek read Carrie and it actually went by pretty quick! Feilds and feilds of sunflowers.

The Badlands! This was taken from Theodore Roosevelt National Park, i hopped a fence for photos and ended up with 17 bug bites in less than 15 minutes! The next morning my legs were horrifically swollen and bruised, an allergic reaction? The last two days of the trip were a lil miserable with itchy swollen legs. Speaking of the badlands... Badlands with Sissy Spacek & Martin Sheen is one of my favorite films, sort of a Bonnie & Clyde story. I know the film was supposed to be in South Dakota, but still, Badlands!

random Montana shots... a old derelict drive-in "now playing: METH" - oh Montana. also, this little squished mouse.

Monday (day 5) was Miles MT to Spokane WA - lunch in Bozeman MT. I liked Bozeman a lot, it had a nice downtown with lots of fun shops. We stopped in Wallace Idaho as well, a really darling town! Famous for harlots.... ha. No photos?! Whoops...

Tuesday (day 6) we left Spokane in the morning and headed over to Pullman to check out my dad's old college digs around WSU, he hadn't been back in years! That town is out of the way no matter where you're coming from. He was having second thoughts about going because it would add a couple hours to the trip, i convinced him to reconsider. So through miles and miles of wheat fields we travels. We went to the art building's basement and wondered around with a sculpture instructor who was hired right after my dad left town (1980). Didn't seen like the place was very different, just better ventilation and fewer injuries. Then we walked over to his college house, still there, and even fixed up! It's the start to the school year so the neighborhoods around campus were pretty clean. We also paid a visit to the campus creamery for ice cream and souvenir cheese, Cougar Gold - the best cheese around!!

And now I am finally home!! Eight states in six days... I slept very well Tuesday night, in my own bed. It was really fun seeing so many new places. We didn't stop much for touristy things. If i could go back, i would have liked to stop at more abandoned barns and houses for photos. spooky abandoned spots are more appealing to me than the idea of seeing mount rushmore (we did not see mount rushmore).

this trip did indeed clear my mind a bit as i had hoped.

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