The number one thing strangers ask me about is my hair. Is it really that color?!... Well guys, no, it’s not. (I disappoint a lot of people…) I was blonde, but certainly not THIS light. Though I tend not to think of my hair being “blonde” – to me it is ethereal and has been my trademark for the past ten years.

I started dying my hair as a teenager (as most), at first it was natural blonde shades, then strawberry blonde, then red, then hot pink! And purple, blue, and RED red…. At 15 I beached the top and kept the underside pink, and by 17 I was over color. Platinum was my solution for a more “mature” style – but still not “normal.” And here I am – still this unusual shade.

Though I’ve had great success with this extreme color, I would never recommend bleaching your hair. I started young enough to get all of my screw-ups out of the way long ago. My hair is not totally fried, and the length is entirely home-grown – which is very impressive! You never know what will happen to your head with different dye products. I am not a professional in any way, self-taught, and very lucky.

I beach my own hair at home, it’s not very expensive because I buy my chemicals in bulk. I have it down to a science on my scalp. A little over 2 hours to bleach and tone every month and half or so. It is a commitment… roots are the worst! But I try to be productive and deep clean my apartment while doing my hair – most of the process is just waiting around for the chemicals to do their thing. I attribute good Scandinavian hair-genes to the accomplishment of not destroying my locks, they want to be blond, right?!

It’s been pretty fun looking back at teenager photos of my sister and I for this post. Yes is was a phase, but what an awesome one. Pretty gutsy and daring. I remember wanting to be a living cartoon character. Little girls LOVED me (I’m sure it was the pink hair), and being an angsty teenager – I did my best to never smile back, terrible. This was a time I discovered I wanted nothing to do with average, I started thrifting, found a love for vintage & kitsch, and turned myself into a walking art project. So by all means, long live the unusual hair colors, I’m still an art project.

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