going with the roll

just finished another roll of film this weekend, finally! i stared it back in the winter! no big surprises when i had it developed... just snapshots. I thought it was only a roll of 20 shots so i took the last few in my apartment to finish the roll off... turns out it had 24 photos! whoops... could have taken it on onnnnne more adventure...

blueberry picking - august 2014

drinks at the narrows brewery - winter 2013

Oly - summer 2014

Pacific Beach

A little trip south to Pacific Beach this weekend. My sister's partner's parents have a mini music festival every year to celebrate their anniversary. It helps that they have have a killer house tucked in the trees above Pacific Beach! The property is big enough for plenty of tents, bonfires, and people. The view from their deck was truly breathtaking. Fog comes and goes frequently on the coast and the tree in their woods were always a little hazy. The house was also surrounded in heather and berries, not a bad set-up.

I do love a good beach walk. It was white out there. Between the fog and sun it was like being in a dream. We beach combed (i really love looking for dead sea-life.... we found giant fish heads, pretty exciting), and played in the dunes.

The next morning, Saturday, we headed north to Olympia to celebrate my great grandmothers 100th birthday! She is still sharp and great to chat with. I'm sure she was overwhelmed with so much extended family around for her this week - in a good way ;) My mom suspects that it's being around her family that keeps her here. She lives with my Nana and Papa - next door is my aunt and her two boys, and down the street is more family and little cousins. The Hummel house is a waterhole for the family, there seems to always be someone near by. This family now has five generations at our gatherings, 1 week to 100 years in age.

A big family weekend. I'm grateful Anthony came with me and does well with new people, i think he was more social than i was even! He has more patience i suppose.


I’ve had this blog going since 2009. It started as a “lifestyle” blog – and I’m sure always will be. Remember when the fashion blogs started getting really big though? I must admit I was tempted for a while. I liked reading other blogger’s perspectives and sometimes coming across interesting shops. I figured I could document my style easily too, after all, I’m a lady with a lot of clothing and my personal style is very important to me. But these days… eh. The fashion blog world evolved quickly into a lot of endorsement deals, and the girls I used to follow became so uninspired. Their clothing no longer had story to tell other than it was probably free - and you should shop at Modcloth too! (kidding.)

Currently, the blogs I like best are the real people. Ladies with great wardrobes for sure. But people who are honest and stick to their charming thrifty lifestyles. Those are who I best connect with anyway. So we go back to the lifestyle blogs, the Lifestylers. Yeah, clothing will still always be part of my blog… I wear it in every photo pretty much! But I’d rather talk about the places I see and the things I make than just show outfits. I like talking about sweet deals of course – and I’m no stranger to taking shameless self portraits sometimes - but this is the joy of a lifestyle blog – post whatever you want!

This is my creative space to write and document my world. It’s pretty, and paints an ideal picture… rarely do I share the ugly – but maybe sometimes I should. It’s not always the forest and creeks. This weekend my landlord finally agreed to rip open my living-room ceiling to solved the mystery of a 9 month old leak that damaged my antique furniture… It was the upstairs neighbor’s poorly maintained shower all along, not the roof. Why did that take 9 months to figure out? Ugh. Old house problems. Now earwigs are coming out of the ceiling hole and onto my curtains… this week’s can of worms! It’s summer… you can’t escape bugs anyway – it's spider season!

Below are some miscellaneous cellphone photos... the stuff that makes it to instagram but never over here... Any other Washington tomato growers seeing red yet?! :)


The number one thing strangers ask me about is my hair. Is it really that color?!... Well guys, no, it’s not. (I disappoint a lot of people…) I was blonde, but certainly not THIS light. Though I tend not to think of my hair being “blonde” – to me it is ethereal and has been my trademark for the past ten years.

I started dying my hair as a teenager (as most), at first it was natural blonde shades, then strawberry blonde, then red, then hot pink! And purple, blue, and RED red…. At 15 I beached the top and kept the underside pink, and by 17 I was over color. Platinum was my solution for a more “mature” style – but still not “normal.” And here I am – still this unusual shade.

Though I’ve had great success with this extreme color, I would never recommend bleaching your hair. I started young enough to get all of my screw-ups out of the way long ago. My hair is not totally fried, and the length is entirely home-grown – which is very impressive! You never know what will happen to your head with different dye products. I am not a professional in any way, self-taught, and very lucky.

I beach my own hair at home, it’s not very expensive because I buy my chemicals in bulk. I have it down to a science on my scalp. A little over 2 hours to bleach and tone every month and half or so. It is a commitment… roots are the worst! But I try to be productive and deep clean my apartment while doing my hair – most of the process is just waiting around for the chemicals to do their thing. I attribute good Scandinavian hair-genes to the accomplishment of not destroying my locks, they want to be blond, right?!

It’s been pretty fun looking back at teenager photos of my sister and I for this post. Yes is was a phase, but what an awesome one. Pretty gutsy and daring. I remember wanting to be a living cartoon character. Little girls LOVED me (I’m sure it was the pink hair), and being an angsty teenager – I did my best to never smile back, terrible. This was a time I discovered I wanted nothing to do with average, I started thrifting, found a love for vintage & kitsch, and turned myself into a walking art project. So by all means, long live the unusual hair colors, I’m still an art project.