chambers creek

what did i say about getting out and about? this weekend i set out to find a spot i hadn't been back to in over 6 years! we cautiosly steped around muddy paths, took an overgrown trail strait down, and voilĂ ! The creek was cool and private for our party of three, wish we would have thought about swimsuits, a reason to go back!

vimala identified the berries we passed - edible and not. i love having friends with foraging hobbies. she also found a pretty feather that i later identified (with the help of this awesome feather atlas) as a northern flicker. also noteworthy, the sad sad rock sara spotted. seriously have you seen a rock in such agony before?! i took it home, bet it will make a good gift...

Why do i want to wear coats again?

It's not even August yet and lately I've been craving Autumn to badly! Summer is beautiful, but once the grass starts to brown, and Spring's new life starts looking a little withered - i guess i'm over it pretty quickly. This week, the Pacific Northwest has been HOT! In the 90s all week! The first scorching day was interesting, the second was misery. Turns out i'm climatized, past 80 degrees and my brain melts. Most people around the great Northwest do not have air-conditioning outside of their cars. We don't really need it. But for these rare days when the sun really lets us have it - yeah - AC would be nice...

I'm missing my favorite season, so close, but so far! Autumn is perfect for layering, cute socks, boots, sweet outfits, spicy food, cold mornings, crunchy leaves, rainbow trees, quiet forests, folk music, scary movies, costumes and Halloween! Just a few things... dreaming of wearing socks again.

Buuuut for now, all I can do is live out the rest of this summer (I'm making it sound like a punishment aren't I). I want to make time to gather friends and head to rivers and beaches while the sun warms bare shoulders. I realized over the weekend that i had only applied real sunscreen ONCE this summer... partly because I tend to dart in and out of the sun while i'm out and about, but also because i haven't put enough time into being out in the open! There's still time... my skin could still collect a little more pigment... (anyone else have a problem with finding make-up and concealer shades light enough?)

We visited Nisqually today after a disappointing giant patio sale at an old folks home. Nisqually was beautiful, the patio sale was a bunch of junk - no antiques...

I posted these photos on instagram a couple days ago, just documenting my complement magnet dirty greasy hair style. Spin-pins for the win!

fourth of july

a little picnic for the 4th of july in volunteer park. we prepared avocado sandwiches, spring rolls, deviled eggs, fresh fruit, patriotic vegan cake, and a big jar of lemonade, vodka, raspberries, and champagne.

we arrived at the park around 4:30, it started to rain by 5:00. many picnickers packed up quickly, but we are true Washingtonians, we continued sitting. the rain stopped eventually.

after a deep conversation about hobby lobby, we headed to the bedroom for the perfect view of seattles fireworks out the window.