seeing, making

i must be the luckiest girl this week because a crow pooped on my head while i was walking 2.6 miles to work last Tuesday (yeah exercise!). that's what several people have told me at least... but maybe it's just a nice thing to say when something unfortunate happens. my sister presented me with some "i'm-sorry-you-got-pooped-on banana bread," so that was nice :)

on friday we had a "spirit-animal" themed house party. i decided on being a rabbit. i change up my favorite animals pretty quickly. a few years ago it was crows. but after a camping mishap, and a crow stealing our last piece of food before we hiked out... well they are no longer favorites. especially after being pooped on. last year i really loved foxes. their presence represented change, the unknown, and also brought a new soul into my life. and now, rabbits have sparked my interest. a good omen and recurring theme. so for the party, i made a giant pompom pouf tail, and fashioned ears from a vintage hankie tied around a headband.

fighting a woozy morning, i headed up to seattle for the afternoon. selena and i went for a walk around volunteer park. she let me borrow a silk dress because i had been wearing all black for work. it was hot! we went through the conservatory and i was dying! sweat was dripping down my back! (sorry selena's dress...) but what a pretty spring/summer day. i have a new set of prism filters to play with. they are hard to focus my SLR camera with, maybe it was just the lens i was using... but i love these experimental shots anyway.


Milla said...

I love volunteer park! There's something about dear old parks that I miss about here in the woods. Not that I wish there were parks, but they are such an integral part of summer in the cities. Hanging out at the park. Enjoy.

Selena said...

Despite the sweatiness, I loved that color on you! You should wear more magenta ;)