gunne sax forever

isn't it amazing that you can totally bond with strangers on the internet and social media over clothing? more specifically, gunne sax dresses. it's an odd but all telling way to meet kindred spirits. seeing other women in their gunnes, comparing stories of how we found them, the hunt, the joy, the lace and the mixed prairie floral... seriously, finding a gunne while thrifting is the holly grail! (unless it's a size 5 in perfect condition! those i only shake my fist at! whyyyy?!)

i've been through a few gunne sax dresses over the past few years, recently even let a few go due to a tighter and tighter fit in the waist. but sending a few off into the world leaves room for new treasures! so, here is a new-to-me black number, pockets and all. for once, i will not be shortening this dress. i've been enjoying longer skirts and dress for the summer. and now that i have a thing for tall clogs - longer dresses are less awkward on my short frame.

summer really is the perfect time for a gunne sax sun dress, don't you agree? :)

let's not forget the past gunne dresses though ;)

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Alishaf said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I am such a Gunne freak lol. I started collecting them several years ago and at the time I was shortening them as well. Now that I'm approaching my 30s I really regret doing that because they just seem to juvenile looking as mini's. Lucky you for finding such a nice one!