Sort of Portland, and Kale Chips!

We didn’t end up taking many photos in Portland last weekend as it turned out. I’m okay with that though because it was one less thing to think about for a couple days. We drove down via 101, the scenic route. It took twice as long, but was certainly beautiful. We stopped in Astoria and did some thrifting, lunching, and coffee drinking. By the time we made it to Portland is was a proper dinner hour. We styled at the Ace Hotel (a cheap option with a shared hallway restroom) and were in walking distance to plenty of good eats around the Pearl District. We didn’t have one bad meal, every restaurant was great! We even turned in early for the night… driving makes you tired. And being tired from a crazy week makes you tired.

In the morning we did some browsing and shopping. Well, really we only shopped on Sunday. That’s the thing about getting out of town with a gal pal, there is no guilt spending too much of your time browsing through shops. I finally had the chance to visit Eden, a beautiful vintage utopia that is sadly calling it quits. 60% sales are great, but we both wished we could have seen the shop in all it beauty before they started ripping it apart and selling everything not bolted down. Oh well, I found a necklace, Selena found a copper ring.

We also visited the Hawthorne District and the one and only House of Vintage. I love places like these, they’re a little chaotic, but I’m a hunter! I dug through this place pretty quickly and came out with a new Gunne and few other gems... as for the photo's i did take while in portland... the hotel and some fancy deviled eggs - and yes they were yummmm!

One last thing to end on, kale chips. Anthony's garden has been exploding with kale and baking them into quick easy "chips" is my current favorite thing! So easy and so tasty!

Baked Kale Chips with Nutritional Yeast

A Bunch of Kale
A Lil Olive Oil
A Handfull of Nutritional Yeast Flakes

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Rinse your kale and rip it up into chip size pieces. I tend to leave out the bulky part of the stem.
3. Toss Kale in just a little bit of olive oil, then spread onto a baking sheet (i like to use parchment paper). Bake for 10 minutes, just long enough for browned edges.
4. Throw chips into and bowl and dust with nutritional yeast right away - pepper is also a great addition! Enjoy right away!

Oh so simple... you don't really need a recipe.

beach combing

uhg this week. long long days building three events i've been designing and managing for months. stress like i haven't felt for a while. but we're through the tunnel and its time to play!

last weekend, before the storm, i did some beach combing during a super low tide. finally posting some of those photos.

this weekend i'm heading south to portland for a couple days. time to reset and explore. hey it's also going to be the first day of summer! my brain has been a little fried the past couple of weeks from all the logistics at work, so selena found our hotel and otherwise we're winging it! next post will be portland photos i'm sure!

gunne sax forever

isn't it amazing that you can totally bond with strangers on the internet and social media over clothing? more specifically, gunne sax dresses. it's an odd but all telling way to meet kindred spirits. seeing other women in their gunnes, comparing stories of how we found them, the hunt, the joy, the lace and the mixed prairie floral... seriously, finding a gunne while thrifting is the holly grail! (unless it's a size 5 in perfect condition! those i only shake my fist at! whyyyy?!)

i've been through a few gunne sax dresses over the past few years, recently even let a few go due to a tighter and tighter fit in the waist. but sending a few off into the world leaves room for new treasures! so, here is a new-to-me black number, pockets and all. for once, i will not be shortening this dress. i've been enjoying longer skirts and dress for the summer. and now that i have a thing for tall clogs - longer dresses are less awkward on my short frame.

summer really is the perfect time for a gunne sax sun dress, don't you agree? :)

let's not forget the past gunne dresses though ;)

Dario's Day at the Beach

On sunday i rallied together two friends and we headed to the beach for an impromptu afternoon picnic. i made tomato avocado sandwiches, kylie brought along cider and cookies, and vimala brought us fresh fruit - and most beautiful local strawberries that were bright red all the way through! the air was warm with a subtle breeze down on the water, perfect. it was high tide so we climbed over a lot of logs to get to end of the beach. we all agreed that the day's adventure would be called Dario's day at the beach, since it seemed to be the perfect dog day. :)

we made a tiny beach fire, and save dozens of tiny jellyfish that were stranded on land by the tide. all in a hard days work.

seeing, making

i must be the luckiest girl this week because a crow pooped on my head while i was walking 2.6 miles to work last Tuesday (yeah exercise!). that's what several people have told me at least... but maybe it's just a nice thing to say when something unfortunate happens. my sister presented me with some "i'm-sorry-you-got-pooped-on banana bread," so that was nice :)

on friday we had a "spirit-animal" themed house party. i decided on being a rabbit. i change up my favorite animals pretty quickly. a few years ago it was crows. but after a camping mishap, and a crow stealing our last piece of food before we hiked out... well they are no longer favorites. especially after being pooped on. last year i really loved foxes. their presence represented change, the unknown, and also brought a new soul into my life. and now, rabbits have sparked my interest. a good omen and recurring theme. so for the party, i made a giant pompom pouf tail, and fashioned ears from a vintage hankie tied around a headband.

fighting a woozy morning, i headed up to seattle for the afternoon. selena and i went for a walk around volunteer park. she let me borrow a silk dress because i had been wearing all black for work. it was hot! we went through the conservatory and i was dying! sweat was dripping down my back! (sorry selena's dress...) but what a pretty spring/summer day. i have a new set of prism filters to play with. they are hard to focus my SLR camera with, maybe it was just the lens i was using... but i love these experimental shots anyway.