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found a dream skirt while thrifting last weekend, it even has pockets! i love indian textiles, well, i love all textiles. i'm a big fabric person ha.

this weekend i pet-sitted a little for my family. they say these cats are mine anyway, i always say "your warehouse you problem." in 2010 we discovered a mama kitty and her three kittens in my moms warehouse in the port. we started to feed them a little because we felt bad, and eventually captured all of them. we spayed mama, and released her back to the wild (because boooooy did she really not like people!), and then took it upon ourselves to domesticate the babies. they were probably about 3.5 months old by the time we were able to trap them, old enough to not be into people. a few weeks (and scars) later though - we had some adorable cats! one went to a friends mom who wanted a lap cat, and the two boys ended up staying with my family. you can tell they were feral, but when its quiet they are so sweet!

i would loooove to have a cat at home, but my apartment doesn't have easy outside access, and i think it's cruel to keep a cat inside all the time. so sadly, no yard, no cats.

i haven't posted about their story for a few years, back in 2010 :). i can't believe how much time has passed! Charlie (the black one) is a lover, soft spoken, and loves the family dog. He is ofter referred to as the dog's pet kitty. and Eddie (the tabby) is manly and strong with a deep voice, but also a lover who can't sit still while being pet.

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Milla said...

That skirt is dreamy. Almost as dreamy as that cat! Sorry to hear about your camera.