basically cat stories

found a dream skirt while thrifting last weekend, it even has pockets! i love indian textiles, well, i love all textiles. i'm a big fabric person ha.

this weekend i pet-sitted a little for my family. they say these cats are mine anyway, i always say "your warehouse you problem." in 2010 we discovered a mama kitty and her three kittens in my moms warehouse in the port. we started to feed them a little because we felt bad, and eventually captured all of them. we spayed mama, and released her back to the wild (because boooooy did she really not like people!), and then took it upon ourselves to domesticate the babies. they were probably about 3.5 months old by the time we were able to trap them, old enough to not be into people. a few weeks (and scars) later though - we had some adorable cats! one went to a friends mom who wanted a lap cat, and the two boys ended up staying with my family. you can tell they were feral, but when its quiet they are so sweet!

i would loooove to have a cat at home, but my apartment doesn't have easy outside access, and i think it's cruel to keep a cat inside all the time. so sadly, no yard, no cats.

i haven't posted about their story for a few years, back in 2010 :). i can't believe how much time has passed! Charlie (the black one) is a lover, soft spoken, and loves the family dog. He is ofter referred to as the dog's pet kitty. and Eddie (the tabby) is manly and strong with a deep voice, but also a lover who can't sit still while being pet.


bits from my sunday. i spent some time photographing and writing about shop pieces. this coat is such a gem! if only it was a lil smaller for a petite gal like me, i'd keep it for myself!

on saturday i went to the showbox to photograph an event and ended up throwing my camera off a table... bad bad. luckily the body survived... not so lucky - my 50mm lens is in two pieces. doh! it was a favorite of mine, guess i know what i'm dropping $$$ on next. (pun intended, oh gosh)

my best lady gave me one of her new rabbit prints this weekend too! selena has a screen printing studio with a couple buddies and she's been experimenting with a lot of pretty pieces lately. it only took a little rearranging to get this guy up on my wall :) sometimes she sells on etsy... gotta get her in biz again! check out this beautiful poster she did for the Sasquatch music festival this year! we went to the poster show friday night :)

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and here are some recent pretties in the shop :)

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making new playlists again!

it isn't nice from ohanaorsomething on 8tracks Radio.

reading list

i'll admit i'm a magazine lover. i love browsing through the photos first, then going back through for the content. i love physically holding books and a magazines. the feel of paper. they keep saying "print is dead" - and i hate that! i'm all for using less paper, but books are beautiful. old hard cover novels have the most inspiring covers. i collect some books just because of their old spines. not sure i'd do well with a tablet and digital publications.

i'm not the best "reader" - i'd like to be, but i'm restless. magazines are great for their shorter content. i also grew up very dyslexic, words were my enemy through school. i always felt clever, but academically speaking - i never did well except for art class. though what kept me down in school became my greatest asset in college and now my career ambitions. creativity is something a lot of people are missing. they say dyslexic people often make great entrepreneurs because of their need to go around the system and come up with alternative strategies to fit into the puzzle of life. my sister and i are two dyslexics born to two other dyslexics - who also happen to be entrepreneurs with two creative businesses.

seeing the bigger picture is what i do best. i stylize everything to fit my aesthetics. and while i don't want to fit into anyone's norm, sometimes it's comforting to read articles about dyslexic folk, i'm not alone! (though i never have been any-hoo with a whole family of like-minded people). i may never be a great speller (thank the universe for spell-check!), and i'm certainly not the best writer (write the way you talk!), but i've got the eye for strategy and the big picture.

back to what's floating around my coffee table these days... publications about design, style, and right now - camping!

i've seen bits and pieces of Kinfolk Magazine around the internet, but after a friend showed me her magazine i really got into it! the current issue is about home. a topic of interest to me recently. there are a handful of articles about living alone which i also connect to strongly.

i've been waiting for Gypsy by Sibella Court to come out for a couple months, and it has not disappointed. Gyspy is the follow up to her book Nomad and is described as a sumptuous stylist′s guide that will inspire you to interpret faraway lands in your own styling. beautiful photography, beautiful book - many inspirations!

Communications Arts was introduced to me when i was in design school. the issues vary from the photography, typography, and interactive annuals... and then there's the illustration annual - my favorite! these magazines find amazing designers and showcase great talents.

annnnnd Sunset Magazine's camping guide! Sunset is a local magazine and it's always fun to read about our own turf. camping season is upon us in the next few months and i've got a new sleeping bag to break-in! ;)

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okay and one last totally unrelated recipe. yesterday was cinco de mayo and we ended up going all out! i wanted to try cooking with nopales, cactus paddles! it's always interesting coming up with a whole meal around one ingredient. we opted to make veggie enchiladas with a homemade salsa verde (so good!), mexi rice, and cocktails. the cactus went inside the enchiladas and took on a slightly tart flavor that was a perfect pair with the sauce we concocted. we winged/made-up all the recipes, but... the cocktails i will share! they were dangerous and went down almost too easy ;)

Frozen Raspberry Tequila Sunrises with Clianto
1 part tequila
3 parts orange juice
a handful of frozen raspberries
a lil ice

• blend the tequila, orange juice, raspberries & ice.
• pour into a nice glass.
• squeeze in some lime, garnish with cilantro and serve!

i think a salted rim would be an excellent addition as well!


snap shots from the past week. i've been thrifting for the shop again, adding new inventory and finding a few little things to keep. :) i told myself to stop buying wool because the weather was getting so nice, but, this week is pretty dreary - and this wool bobble cardigan had my name all over it! so i broke that guideline already. i'm the worst. guess i wasn't meant for rules...

for a few days, though, it WAS sunny. some places in washington hit 90 degrees last week! it was fun to wear a little silk for two days. but i must say the change came too quickly, my brain was baking! constant headaches sort of ruined the sunshine and warmth for me.

i also drew something! a constant battle/goal for myself is to produce more artwork... once in a blue moon is the norm though. my apartment is reeeeaaally dark at night for drawing. i like using soft colors that are hard to see when it's dark, so i may need a new lamp or two. now if only i had more outlets...

fire pits, thrifting, and doodles

cell phone photo...