Sunday was a beautiful day to get out of the city and hang out with thousands of tulips! We headed north to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival... I'm going to pretend like traffic wasn't an issue for the day (it was awful!) because all of these photos are so pretty! The sky hasn't been so clear and bright in months! Some flowers were even TOO bright to photograph! We were savvy and took the back roads up there since the freeway was a parking lot for 60+ miles... but I'm glad because the country was lush with spring!

There were a lot of international families at the festival. The Indian outfits were my favorite, just as colorful as the flowers!

This week I will be traveling north once more for a nearly week long vacation on San Juan island again! I'm so excited to be hosted by Roche Harbor... I imagine my next post or two will be from the island. :)

Spring is here in full force and i couldn't be happier!

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demetria said...

oh my I so want to be surrounded by tulips - amazing