The Oh Ana Shop, an update

thrifting has never been so fun now that i have a vintage shop to feed. i now think about all the wonderful pieces i've left behind before my little shop because of that voice of reason in my head... do i really need this? yes. now the answer is always yes. this is sort of a shameless shop promotion post... but i really love the pieces i've been finding lately!

this crazy amazing jumpsuit below is one of my new treasures! after some research, it turns out to be by a wonderful hollywood designer, Travilla (who also designed marilyn monroe famous white dress!!). i even came across a photo of julie sommars in the same outfit... i may not have a wild cat to go with it... but this was still a killer find.

i'm still working on how i want to curate the shop, i wanted it originally to be more whimsical bohemian like my own style... but i keep finding sweet wiggle dresses from the 50s and 60s... so i guess i'm targeting vintage from the 50s-70s for now. i really liked Astral Boutiques featured shop post on etsy.

"When I started my shop on Etsy four years ago, I tried to sell everything to everyone – all styles, all eras – but I noticed that I was getting the biggest response from the items that lit my own fire. Little by little, I found myself creating a customer base of people who were totally on my aesthetic wavelength, and my shop started to feel like an art project with a retail component, instead of the other way around. Now everything I choose and make for the shop is a part of my personal vision of beauty."

i'm taking great inspiration from that quote. this is my goal for my own shop now. :)

well, happy hunting to all, come visit the shop sometime!

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adrianahristova said...

Great stuff you got there! Love your shop.