Bainbridge Island just because

even though rain showers are currently still a mighty force around washington, the temperature has greatly improved! day trips are now much more plausible. 55 degrees is great, that's not cold around here ;)

selena and i hopped a ferry over to Bainbridge Island yesterday as a "just because" trip. we made many seagull friends on the deck. just holding your hands up pretending to have food made dozens circle the ferry!

once on the island, we did what we do. navigated from park to park, chasing bags of rainbows! one good thing about a rainy day, countless rainbows! we did get soaked though… the sun would be shining one moment, and a heavy drops would be landing on your head the next! selena lost the heel to a boot in a grassy mud puddle, never to be seen again!

touches of spring were everywhere, i found myself photographing many flowers… but document what makes you smile, right?!

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