Bainbridge Island just because

even though rain showers are currently still a mighty force around washington, the temperature has greatly improved! day trips are now much more plausible. 55 degrees is great, that's not cold around here ;)

selena and i hopped a ferry over to Bainbridge Island yesterday as a "just because" trip. we made many seagull friends on the deck. just holding your hands up pretending to have food made dozens circle the ferry!

once on the island, we did what we do. navigated from park to park, chasing bags of rainbows! one good thing about a rainy day, countless rainbows! we did get soaked though… the sun would be shining one moment, and a heavy drops would be landing on your head the next! selena lost the heel to a boot in a grassy mud puddle, never to be seen again!

touches of spring were everywhere, i found myself photographing many flowers… but document what makes you smile, right?!

waking up to spring

i know the weather is changing because i can't stop sneezing in the morning!

as others have put it recently, it seems like a lot of bloggers are coming out of hibernation... i hope this me as well! more and more sunshine is filling my sweet bedroom in the mornings, and i'm starting to think that maybe i'm not as cranky and curmudgeony as i thought. maybe i was just feeling the end of winter blues. when you really start craving just a little bright sun. maintaining my etsy shop was even difficult these past few months. the sun was only out while i was at work... i'd leave home in the dark, and come home in the dark, and then the weekends would be rainy and gloomy... not the best for photos.

my house hunt isn't going the best... i found the best spot, it had two covered porches, garden space, and GIANT closets (very important for my shop's ever growing inventory, so i'm finding...) - but sadly another couple beat me to it! I was heart broken, truly devastated after dreaming of how perfect life would have been there. so the search continues.

my grandparents have been clearing out their office and dispersing items out to the rest of the family. My mom was given a big box of photos from her aunt Wanda. Wanda was a fashionable career focused lady. She never had her own children, but left behind a beautiful collection of hats! This box had photos of family from waaaaay back. But also photos of my mom from when she was little to her early twenties. Photo's of my mom have always been hard to find, probably because not many were taken, so i have taken an interest in this box.

(above is a photo of my mom on the right with two of her little sisters in 1985 or so)

i've always been a little photo obsessed. i've dug through the boxes of old photos from my childhood a million times. never looking for anything in particular, just remembering. boxes of old family photos are like a candy store to me. even this blog is quite precious to me, not maintained as much as it once was, but its been 6 years this month! sometimes i wonder if i would remember my life as well without it...

installations and event design

even when i take a breaks from photographs for this blog, i can't say i go many days without snapping photos for other projects - you know, the day job stuff. and oh the places i do go...

i am grateful to have work that is 80% play - and bursting with creativity. i get to design, direct/build, and photograph many creations. and while they're all short lived, it's fun to start on something new! we do many corporate projects with modern sleek designs, but my favorites are the whimsical (of course) that utilize vintage textiles and antiques. themes that take research and take your mind around the world. i've designed a few Indian weddings, and that research turned into designing a few bollywood galas!

it's hard to fully explain what i do sometimes, i'm our webmaster (i designed and built the company's new site from scratch), i'm our marketing director (i just had a big ad with my photography in Seattle Met's Bride & Groom Magazine!), i'm an event designer and project manager (not a planner! i do the pretty part), i'm our lead photographer, and i'm a hands on set builder.

right now i'm working with an outdoorsy car company on their national conference, and a game that comes in a little black box (really excited about this one!), you never know who will walk through our doors next. :)

this isn't what i want to do forever... i'm still figuring that part out, but at least i'm being creative right? these are some projects i've worked on recently...

Vagabond Dreams

Persian Jewel Box

Gypsy Swamp

Steam Punk

i don't do many halloween events, but this one was great

oh yes, even looking for a new office and warehouse lead to beautiful photos sometimes...